September 10, 2010

Catching Up

Ok, I'm back at my office and I have a chance to blog now! I feel like I haven't been able to sit down this week much to post. So here's some catching up ..

Last Friday, Kanyon and I (and the whole town of Welch.. and more) went to the first Dawson home football game. It was so fun to get to see everyone after a long summer of everyone running around and going on vacation. I have never been a big football fan and Kanyon has been embarrassed on many occasion because of my lack of knowledge of anything football. Don't worry, I now know a lot more. But I can credit that to 6-man football and not the 11-man that I grew up watching. In 6-man, it is so much easier to see everything that is going on and thus.. I learned who the running back is. Which helped me understand 11-man better, too, and this year I may actually watch the Superbowl. Maybe.

On Saturday, Kanyon and I and Al and Kasha all went to Lubbock to celebrate Kanyon and Al's 24th and ... I won't tell you how old Al is.. birthday. Ha, just kidding, Al. But seriously, how old are you? We went to Outback and had some greeeat food. Their steaks are really good! We did decide though that if you order the Outback Special, they just give you whatever steak they had lying around. Three of us ordered it and all got different cuts of meat. Whatever.

Sunday and Monday, Kanyon and I got to do.. nothing! It was fantastic. That's all I have to say about that.

Tuesday was normal.. Wednesday, we celebrated Kanyon and Uncle Dan's birthday at church and Thursday I went to a seminar yesterday in Lubbock for church administrators where I heard interesting comments about the government taking over TV .. Good thing Kanyon and I have all the CSI's and all the King of Queens already recorded.


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