September 29, 2010

Mother-Daughter Weekend!

Last weekend, Mom and I went to Cloudcroft, NM for a girl's weekend. It was so nice to have Mom to myself and get to relax and shop in the beautiful mountains!

Mom got here on Thursday and we left Friday after I got off of work. It was a beautiful drive.. we think. We don't know because it was dark.

 We finally got to our cabin around 9:00 pm Texas time, 8:00 Mountain time. So since we gained an hour, we thought we'd go check out the desserts at the Lodge, an old famous resort there! This is what it looks like in the daytime...

Then we got back to our cabin and crashed.. The next morning, we slept in until 9:00 and then headed to the Lodge for our massages!! They were wonderful. BUT at one point, the masseuse was massaging my temples, and I couldn't help but think.. he's rubbing straight up oil into my skin! Lo and behold.. I'm breaking out this week like I was in high school again. Especially at my temples. Great.

Anyway. After that, we came back to our cabin and made brunch with some groceries we brought with us.

<-- Our cabin at the Spruce Cabins.

(Sidenote: Do not rent the Spruce Cabins if you are a girl or need more than 1.5 feet to take a shower.)

After that, we finally put on something other than our pajamas around 1:00 and went shopping down the "Boardwalk".

There were lots of shops to look at and a coffee shop we stopped and had a cookie at.

Around 5:00, we decided we really wanted to get pedicures but there were no places in Cloudcroft to do it! Seriously!? So we had to drive about 15 miles to get to Alamogordo, where we ended up eating dinner, too, because we wanted Mexican food for the green chile sauce. It was a gorgeous drive!

So, we made ourselves not feel so ridiculous for driving 15 miles to get our nails done by saying we just did it for the scenic drive..

When we got back Saturday night to Cloudcroft, we decided to get dessert at the Lodge again where they are famous for the Bananas Foster.. It was amazing. And super rich. I couldn't even finish it. And if you know me - you know I don't not finish desserts.

Sunday morning, we got up around 9:00 again and went and ate at this cute little coffee shop on the Boardwalk, where we planned how Mom was going to put into motion her dream of owning a coffeeshop/bookstore/bakery. Now that is my kind of place. Get on that, seriously, Mom.

We had a few more hours before we needed to leave to get Mom to the airport in Midland, so we decided to hike a little and walk around the neighborhood and see the houses.

We stopped at a little bed and breakfast that we thought was really cute to look inside and guess where the owners were from?? Lubbock! They moved there a year ago to pursue their dream of owning a b&b. And this one, I will recommend because it was really cute and her husband was raving about her cooking skills.. Yes, he is biased but he sold me. So if you're looking for a good b&b in Cloudcroft, The Crofting is your place. I just looked at their website and she does French cooking lessons so see - he wasn't lying.

After that, we rushed back to the room to pack and be on our way. It was such a great trip! I don't think Mom and I have had a chance to talk that much since before the wedding.. So ready for next year's trip already!



  1. It was great to spend the weekend with you...looking forward to next year where we won't drive so much:)even if it pretty, and yes, I would recommend The Crofting b&b too.

  2. How about next year it is a mother/daughter/niece/cousin trip!? I love how you said straight up oil! It is so good that y'all did that. I can't wait to go with my girls!