September 14, 2010

A dog's life

Kanyon's birthday was on Sunday. Ya know what we did? Nothing.

Kanyon was so exhausted from the weekend. But what a great weekend it was! Sunday's Closing Ceremony for the Walk to Emmaus was very encouraging. All of the men were changed from their experience. My mom is on the next Walk in November and my dad and Robert Jones are on the men's Walk early next year!

I didn't even have to make a birthday cake because they had food left over that they were going to throw away! Throw away a homemade red velvet cake? I don't think so. Give it to me.

On another note, Vaughn (my mother-in-law) leads a bible study every semester and we started our new one last night. It's an older one by the never disappointing Beth Moore called "Jesus, the One and Only". I really liked what we heard last night and I actually think Beth is still super cute in her 1990's get ups. I just want to know how she gets her hair to look that perfect all the time! Especially in Houston! Not once in my 18 years there was I able to get my hair to behave.

Zeb has grown a lot in the last couple of weeks! He grew out of his awkward stage (ha) and now looks more like an Australian.

Look at that little handsome man .. I mean dog.

Another pose..

He sure missed Kanyon this weekend.. No farm work for 4 days straight makes Zeb do weird things. Like put his food and water bowl on opposite ends of the backyard. Not just once, either.

I'd bet he's loving getting to ride in the truck again today and run through the cotton... Oh a dog's life.


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  1. I can't wait to meet Zeb and run through the cotton next weekend!!