September 17, 2010

so sad

This is what I have to see everytime I drive away from my driveway. Heartbreaking.

I took it on my phone as I was sitting there thinking to myself -- I don't really have to go to work today, do I?

Please someone make him not as cute!!

Wait no. Don't!!

In other news, here is another article for ya. The youth minister at work sent this link a couple days ago and its really funny. Its about churches getting a little crazy when trying to be creative picking a name for themselves. I love it when we (churches) make fun of ourselves..

Church Names -

It's Friday! Football and maybe some relaxing this weekend. For me, at least. Kanyon has a Kairos meeting all day Saturday for the one we.. he is working next weekend. Long story short on why its "he" and not "we".. Mom and I planned a girl's weekend AROUND this Kairos weekend so I could work it. Turns out I had the dates written down wrong and we planned it for the exact same weekend. Bummer. But I think I'll be okay once the massage therapist starts on me on our girl's trip.


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