September 27, 2010

fall is here!!

Fall is my favorite season!! I love the weather, the change of wardrobe, the HOLIDAYS, the smells! In all honesty, I've never really liked summer and I especially don't now that I don't have 3.5 months off for it!! Adult life is hard to get used to..

Interruption: Mom and I had a GREAT weekend in Cloudcroft and I told her I would post about it this afternoon, but I am busy at work and will do it soon, Mom!

In anticipation of the season coming up.. I had two firsts today. I bought my first item on Etsy ever. And that purchase was my first wreath! ..... That sounds a lot more boring once I type it out.

But does this look boring to you?!

I don't think so!! It is a handmade yarn wreath that I bought off of Ginny Winny's page. I'm so excited! Wreaths on Etsy can run up to $70 (ridiculous) but this one was only $25 and definitely one of the cutest.

I get really excited about seasonal decorations. I can see this getting ridiculous..


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