September 2, 2010


Its Thursday and I can't wait for it to be Friday.

Tomorrow, we are going to the first Dawson HS football game of the season. Everyone in Welch is busy all through out the summer but we all will come back together for football of course! This will be the first game since 2001 that a Brown boy is not playing. Weird.

Then Saturday, Al, Kasha, Kanyon and I are all going to Lubbock to celebrate Al and Kanyon's birthdays and I'm pumped!

Sunday is already my favorite day of the week but this Sunday will be even better knowing I get to sleep in the next morning... oh to be in college again when I could just "accidentally" sleep through my morning classes and call it a day.

Thoughts today:

1. Does anyone else think that Zeb is in an awkward gangly teenager stage?

 I think his ears and his body alternate growing. One week his ears grow, the next his body.

And why do dogs always have green eyes in pictures??

Is that why my other dog (that lives at my parent's) will run and hide when a camera is pointed at her? She can't stand the thought of someone seeing a picture of her like that?

She also won't eat in front of anyone. And she has developed hypochondria. Ok, she has issues. But I love her.

2. I just printed 234 pictures off Snapfish and they charged me $13 for shipping. Obviously, someone is pocketing about 80% of that because that is ridiculous.

3. Why did I print 234 pictures? Because I got to thinking the other day.. When our kids ask us later on what our house looked like when we moved in, what the first year of marriage was like, how ridiculous did we dress in 2010, etc ... I'm probably not going to go "Oh, just look at my Facebook. Its all on there."

So I am making a photo album. Does anyone even do that anymore?

4. Speaking of photo albums.. I made an Israel photo album from our trip 2 years ago. Finally!

5. Sometimes, like today, I'll randomly text Kanyon "Hey - I love you" (gag, I know) and he responds with "Ditto."

........... I don't know how I feel about that.

6. Kanyon is going to be 24 in less than two weeks and I will still be 22. I kind of look forward to those 4 months where I am dating/now married to a much older guy. 22 and 23 is not near as exciting. But 24? That's a real man.

7. All of Kanyon's siblings and his parents (and my parents for that matter!) will be in Houston this weekend for Micah's 1st birthday.. I am very sad we aren't going. We just couldn't swing it since we have something very taxing every weekend for the next 3 weeks. Why can't someone invent a teleportation machine? Or at least let Muggles apparate!

8. Kanyon's and my parents are in the San Juan Islands and yesterday they kayaked next to Orcas while Kanyon and I wait for electricity to come back to our house and wondered what we ever would do without satellite TV. That .. is .. sad.

9. Two good things that came from the storm: I made smores by candlelight in the kitchen. We got about 2/10s of an inch of MUCH needed rain on Kanyon's land!

Happy Thursday!



  1. I literally laughed out loud as I read Number 5. Too funny! But I get responses like that too. Marriage would be much easier if our love languages coincided perfectly. Sorry for commenting on every blog post. I swear I'll get a life soon.

  2. maybe easier, but less interesting....

  3. and...not only orcas, seals and a bald eagle!! It was a beautiful day, if not week.

  4. I love reading your blog! It makes me laugh and I can related to everything!

  5. I have a lot to say/ask you but it's 1 am and I'm STILL up! to make it snappy... First of all, I'm behind on your blog and need to catch up. Also, YES people still make photo albums and I totally agree with you. I think they are important....which is why I just finished our 13th family album. :) Look up coupons for snapfish- I try to order when I can get free shipping. What to get Kanyon for his bday? Got an email from Emily. I'm going to call her friend soon! Ok, better go to bed. Ava woke me up at 7:30 this morning by saying, "Mom, the sun is up." :)