September 23, 2010

Very Excited!

I pick up my Mom from the Midland airport in 4 hours!!
Mom called me a few months ago and asked what I thought about taking a girl's weekend trip every year, just me and her? YES.
We decided to go to Cloudcroft, NM this year. Its three hours from Lamesa, where I work, so she's going to come meet me at work tomorrow when I get off and off we go! We are going to be staying at some little cabins in town called the Spruce Cabins..

and we'll spend our time there shopping (window..), getting massages, eating out, etc, etc. All the girly stuff. I'm so excited!
While I'm gone, though, there is a lot going on here in the Welch area! I'm sad that I will be missing all of it but thats just the way things worked out! 
Dawson School (K-12 school in Welch, where Kanyon and his family all went to school (including parents and maybe even Vaughn's mom, am I right?) is having Homecoming Week this week and they'll have the game and announce the Queen this weekend.. I'm sorry I'll miss it! I have way more school pride for Dawson than I ever did for my own schools. It probably has to do with the fact that I graduated with about 650 (800 were supposed to graduate.. yikes) and Kanyon graduated as one of 11 graduates.
Also, Al and Kasha are having their annual gin dinner with a big celebration for their 10th Anniversary as Punkin Center Gin owners! Its going to be a big bash with lots of food and I wish I could be there to help celebrate and eat their great BBQ! They cater several events in the area because they are so good at it. Save me some leftovers, please, Kasha!
AND last but definitely not least.. what is my husband doing this weekend? He is working another Kairos Prison Ministry with several members of our church! Sunday's attendance is going to be slim but Kalith (my father in law) made a great point Sunday that that's a good thing.. Our church members can't make it to church this Sunday because they are busy out ministering to prison mates. That's awesome. Love it. Please be prayin for those guys!



  1. Have fun with your mom this weekend, that is so cool that you guys can do that. my momma is coming to see me today!first time in 9 years I have lived close enough to home that my mom can just come visit!

  2. Yes Erika,Mimi and all her brothers and sisters,us 5 kids,all of Vaughn's kids,and Keith's kids graduated from Dawson. I had the same 1st and 3rd grade teachers my mom did!