November 19, 2010

gift ideas

Last weekend, Mom came home from her Walk with a gift for me and for Kanyon.. go figure. It made me want to share with you a couple of things that would be great Christmas gifts.

Two devotionals that I try to read everyday and that I really love are:

  • "Starting Your Day Right" by Joyce Meyer

This is by far the best devotional I have come upon. It only takes about a minute to read through it but I haven't yet read any entry that didn't keep my attention. Some daily devotionals get repetitive to me or are too shallow but this one is neither. I love it.

You can get it on Amazon for cheap, otherwise its only like 10 bucks at B&N. You can also get it on Kindle.

Its kind of small too .. stocking stuffer size.

  • "Love Letters from God" by Bonnie Shluter
This is a really cool book. It was written by Bonnie to her sons and sisters. She wrote it to encourage them when they left home and when going through a hard time. It is a collection of about 80 letters that Bonnie wrote as God to his child. The table of contents directs you to the individual letters by naming the theme of the letter. Some of the themes are "Let go of the Past", "Walk in Love", and "Fighting Satan with Forgiveness". I like going through the contents and choosing by how I'm feeling that day. It really is so good.

Just wanted to share my finds! We're headed to Post tonight to watch the Dawson Dragons play in their second play-off game!


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