November 16, 2010

it feels like a monday

I left work yesterday after being here for about 30 minutes because a cold that was coming on for days finally hit me.. but I'm back at work today and feeling much better! There's a lot on my mind this morning.

  • A family that I have loved getting to work Kairos and Emmaus with was just selected for EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION just this morning! Seriously!!!! We're all so excited for Jeanne and Mac and Katrina. As I drove to work this morning, the radio stations were all excited about the bus being in Brownfield. Read the story here.
  • Mom went on her Walk to Emmaus this last weekend and absolutely loved it. It was so cool to see her participate in something I have become involved in. It was a huge blessing to her. Thanks to everyone who prayed and sent letters for her!
  • A typical Welch sunset for ya from this weekend:

  • Dawson (Welch's school) is going to play in our second play-off game this weekend!! I love small town six man football.
  • The boys are almost done with harvest, hallelujah.. Please pray for clear weather so Kanyon can go with me to my family's Thanksgiving in Oklahoma.
Thats about it.. back to workin on the church website! Yall have a good Monday... I mean Tuesday.


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  1. I also have a picture of that sunset...can you believe how beautiful it is? That is so exciting about Extreme Home Makeover coming to Brownfield! Have fun with it.