November 22, 2010

good start to the week

Thanksgiving is almost here!! We had our Community Thanksgiving last night and it was so great. I love Welch and I love that these people will be a part of my life for a long time (that is if God doesn't surprise us with somethin later on.. been known to happen!).

I've been feelin pretty crummy lately with some cold symptoms and am finally going to the doctor this afternoon to get a handle on things. I'm feeling a lot better today, though, so hopefully I'm finished with the worst of it! Everyone says that harvest sends lots of stuff into the wind and that topped with my already-existent seasonal allergies sent me into a major case of sinus pressure and congestion with a sore throat. Not much of a voice today but my symptoms are toned down a lot thankfully!

This weekend, Dawson played in their second play-off game. You have never seen a more proud town :) Facebook was exploding with Dawson pride.. it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the game ended with a loss but we were still so proud of our boys! Too bad they shaved their heads for the game and are now stuck with it, haha!

On Saturday, I had my first free day in a while and decided to meet Kasha in Lubbock for some errand-running. I ended up not going to the big Holiday Happenings event going on and just wandered around Target.. I needed to replace something I broke and buy some cheap shelving. After that, I didn't have anything else to do. That is a predicament (or predic-ee-ment if you are Kalith) since I live an hour away and didn't want to come to Lubbock for only a 30 minute errand.. Called some friends, but they were busy or out of town. But then Kasha invited me to go to church with her and we made a night of it! She attends church in Lubbock on Saturday nights sometimes instead of Sunday morning and after church, we went to Johnny Carinos (so good!) and had dessert at Starbucks! A spontaneous and so much fun girl night. I'm so extremely grateful for God supplying me with so many friends in Welch, but especially for Kasha who has become my closest girlfriend.

Some pictures from this weekend that has nothing to do with anything above..

 Playtime with my favorite Australian!

 A pic my parents sent me of them having fun listening to a Beatles
cover band :) Bet ya didn't plan on this being on the world wide web, Mom..

A very short video of the leaves falling after the freeze next door.. 
The video doesn't do it justice.Everyone else may think this is dumb 
but I thought it was so pretty how quickly and abundantly they were falling!
Also, please enjoy what was on my radio at the time.


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  1. You're so right about that being on the worldwide web! Thank goodness i didn't send you a picture of us dancing the Twist! We tried to get a picture of the Fab Five but it was too dark.