November 29, 2010

Christmas Music is ON!

Pandora's Christmas Station is playing, I'm drinking coffee and feeling festive! (Except the ache in my back from the hotel bed last weekend...)

Kanyon and I got home from Edmond, OK last night. We had such a great holiday. My mom's mother's side of the family has a family reunion every two years at Thanksgiving and this was the year for it. Grandma is one of 9 children, which means mom has a million cousins, and I have two million second and third and fourth cousins. Only 70 came to this reunion though :) These are the remaining three sisters - Colleen, my grandmother LoRee, and LaVerne. My grandmother is 92 years old and was able to come out for a couple hours from the nursing home to be with everyone. Mostly because she wanted some pie...

We all had Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Jenny's house and it was the first time in a long time we had a homecooked meal instead of catered. It was so good! Thank you, Aunt Jenny, for all the work you did!

On Saturday, a bunch of us headed to Stillwater for the Bedlam (OSU v. OU game). My family is an OSU family through and through. It was a very close and exciting game but we ended up with a loss. Mom and I had a lot of fun wandering around campus visiting Eskimo Joe's and seeing the new stadium.

When we got home Sunday, Zeb was pretty excited to see us back home! Kanyon's parents had a few funny stories to tell us and he was probably the dirtiest I had ever seen him! After a hard scrubbing and lots of brushing out, he was finally clean enough to get to wrestle and play with his favorite playmate:

I'm going home to a huuuuge mound of laundry and dust on every square inch of my house .... I can't pretend its not there any longer unfortunately.


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  1. You forgot to tell that Kanyon's team won bowling or was it your team? Anyway, one of you won bowling this year...yes, we have a bowling tournament in honor of Uncle Pinky at the reunion.