November 18, 2010

trying to catch up!

I have been annoyed by my lack of time to blog lately.. this fall has been so busy! Anyone with me?

I'm betting a lot of you are.

Even though I have been busy I have been having fun.. I'm still psyched about how fun that retreat with the youth group here was and looking forward to getting more involved with them. I'm still waiting to hear from Lubbock Young Life about joining Committee.. way to be just like every other area, Lubbock, and never get back to people.. Sorry if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

In less important news, there is an awesome addition to my wardrobe that is coming in the mail. I ordered these today from for $24!!!

I'm feeling very frugal and responsible about the whole situation. And in case you're wanting to remind me of my pledge to not buy anything for a while and like what I have that I made a couple months ago... you may have a point. But again - frugal and responsible is the only thing I'm feeling. Don't spoil it for me.

In more important news, I'm still pretty excited about how much Mom loved her Walk to Emmaus. I am becoming more and more convinced that ANYONE from ANY walk of life can and will be blessed from these retreats. In the few walks I have been on/apart of/watched, I have seen 20 yr olds and 75 yr olds, black and white, hispanic and asian, Christian and atheist, happy people and depressed people, you name it, all LOVING their experience on the Walk. God is good.

Tonight, Vaughn and Kasha and I are heading out to my friend Pam's house for a 31 Gifts party. Should be fun, I've never been! It looks like its kind of like Willow House and Pampered Chef, you shop and order at the party.

Speaking of Pampered Chef, I heard the order that I placed at the party I went to last week should be in today! Woohoo! (Did I mention that?...) I'm most excited about the glass mixing bowl I bought... and I feel like my college self would slap my adult self for being excited about a bowl. Alas.. I have arrived.


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