November 8, 2010


Remember two posts ago, I told you that Kanyon and I did not need to have a baby yet because all of the babies in Welch are too cute?

Here's proof:
(I hope this is okay, Britni!)

I stole this from Britni's blog who is the mother of the baby on the right, Slayde. I just could not keep myself from sharing this picture with the whole world. IT IS TOO CUTE. This is Tripp Roberts (Levi and Nicole Roberts), Noah Phipps (Andrew and Christen Phipps), and Slayde Oaks (Rusty and Britni Oaks).

They are all so fat and cuddley and sweet!

So there you go.



  1. they are pretty cute aren't they :)

  2. Thanks a bunch. I think there are pretty cute too!!