June 2, 2011

Camille's Graduation

Wow, wow, wow. This week has been crazy. Not one chance to sit down and blog.

I know that I promised to blog about the College Station trip and show you all that we had done when I got back to work yesterday.. but nope. I have been so busy at work, working through my lunch hour. And I am working a Walk to Emmaus this weekend so I have an extra short week since I'll take Friday off. And besides that, the computers at work have decided to stop reading memory cards as well. BUT I have had one good thing happen in the picture/blogging department. I was able to steal a few minutes on my co-worker's computer (with permission of course, so I guess its not stealing..) and upload my College Station pictures to Dropbox!

I only have a little bit of time to write this post before I have to get something else done before I leave work. I am leaving for the Walk tonight straight from work. So excited!

My trip to College Station (two whole weeks ago... where have the days gone!) was very needed. I hadn't had a chance to really hang out and visit with Claire and Camille and their families in a long time and it was great.

Like I said in a previous post, we stayed at "the farm" (its not a working farm but a sort of second home for the Wisdoms). Its in Hearne, TX, about 20 minutes outside College Station. We ventured to C-Stat a couple of times during the trip but mostly stuck to the farm!

(FYI - they were installing a sprinkler system)

 I got there late Thursday night after a long drive. Friday morning after we had a late breakfast, we headed to College Station for lunch with Camille's grandparents and her graduation!

Her graduation was short and sweet. She is finally a nurse! She got a job in Dallas in the NICU at a hospital there. I'm so excited for her! She is going to be a great nurse. Plus she graduated Suma Cum Laude... anyone in her hands is going to be well taken care of by a super smart nurse. A&M is a new-ish nursing program but they have already won several awards for their curriculum.

That night, my parent's and Jacob's parents (Camille's fiance) came up to the farm to have dinner made by Camille's family. We ate such good food (fajitas and lots of yummy desserts) and had a great time hanging out.

 Camille's family making us a yummy dinner!

 Camille's beautiful ring! 

 Camille with Jacob and his dad

 My parents!

The baby pictures were broken out at one point :)

So good to see all of them this weekend! 

(I have to go right now, but I will come back and add a lot more comments! Just wanted to get something up this week!)


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