June 20, 2011

A Full Weekend

We had a great weekend with family the last few days and I am really excited about all the pictures I got!

I was actually home (I've gotten a lot of flack for that lately... from myself as well) and it was so nice. I couldn't even remember the last time I had seen Landon, my brother-in-law... I guess the last time I was home on the weekend. But I got to spend lots of time with him, too.

Sena and Daniel (Kanyon's sister and our brother-in-law) and their two (extremely) cute kids came to stay with Nana and Papa and see all the Welch family. It was a great weekend of playing on the floor, listening to two very happy children laughing all the time, eating great food from Vaughn, and catching up.

Asher is such a fun boy right now. Playing as much as he can and so easily amused. He made me feel like the funniest person in the whole world. I like to keep people like that around me.   : )

He laughs at everything, even just a smile! How amazing is that?

I can't even handle his cuteness.

And Addalie.. also such a fun little girl. She cracked us all up all weekend with her extremely expressive statements and her cute laugh.

We filled up the kiddie pool in the backyard for some swim time and some popsicles!

Asher's watching that popsicle intently. Just look at those rolls. He is the ticklish-est child ever and I took full advantage of it.

On Saturday night, the guys (Kanyon, Landon, and Kalith) took Addalie riding on the horse-ys (Addalie's word, not mine ;)

These pictures kinda sorta melt my heart.

Addalie telling Uncle Kanyon about the horse-y ride.

 She was saying cheese at least :)

Jake finding some relaxation from his busy life...

Landon and his horse Grey.

Sunday, I got to go to church for the first time on a Sunday in a while and it was great to see everyone. After lunch at Vaughn's, Sena and Daniel and the kids made their way home and Kanyon and I spent some time relaxing. Landon came over to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, but about 30 minutes into it, Kanyon got a call that there was a fire in Welch.

I texted Kanyon an hour after he left to make sure everything was alright and he said that everything was okay but the fire was really big and really hot. To me, that doesn't seem okay but I figured he would have used another word if it didn't seem to be contained.

I did chores around the house and recieved a couple texts from Kanyon here and there so I knew he was okay. Then about 6:00, Vaughn called me but I couldn't hear her when I picked up and every call after that I made failed. We figured out later that no one had hardly any service in Welch that afternoon and night and I'm still not sure if that had something to do with the fires. Then she knocks on my front door and walks in asks me if I'm okay and if I want to go with her and Kalith to go see about the fire. Um, what? Apparently the fire had escalated a lot since I talked to Kanyon. But since he had been texting me, I knew he was okay.

When I got in the car, I looked at my phone and realized that he had not been texting me this whole time, actually. The texts I was recieving were the ones his phone had tried to send me in the first hour but were only coming to me every 45 minutes or so. So really I hadn't heard from him in a while. Scary feeling.

When we got to the point where the fire had been, we saw it was about a quarter mile outside of town. There were several little fires everywhere but the actual fire had been squelched.

It was a very eery sight.

See the little fires everywhere? Kalith got out and tried to put one out but it wasn't doing anything after having dirt piled on it. We learned later that Kanyon and the volunteer FD were putting all these out at the time.

What had started the fire was a power line going down, I believe.

Once Kanyon got home about 10:00, I was very happy to see him and I knew he was so tired but he still had to check water. So I went with him. We grabbed some sandwiches since he hadn't eaten anything since lunch and were up till midnight. It was a long day for both of us today. But praise God that no one was hurt, no houses burned down (two or three were in extreme danger of it and one house's siding melted from the intense heat), and all of our men were safe in their beds that night.

It was a great weekend with lots of time just hanging out. I really needed that. I've been going, going, going lately. It's all been stuff that I wouldn't have wanted to miss, though. But I'm glad for a brief stint of weekends at home. Because I'm leaving town again in two short weeks!


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  1. How scary is that? I'm glad everyone is safe but wish the rain would come soon. I'm also glad you got to be home for a little while.