June 21, 2011

Landon and Grey

On Saturday night after the boys took Addalie out on the horse, Landon said he would be going to Troy and Sue's for a little. I had been meaning to go out there for a while because Troy had told me a couple weeks ago he was getting a new puppy! Troy is Zeb's grandfather (?).. he's Zeb's parent's owner and breeder. So I call him that. Troy knows I love his pups so he always tells me when he has a new litter born or he bought a new pup.

So I tagged along with Landon to go play with the new puppy while he worked Grey out in the roping arena. 'Scuse me.. I meant ropin'.

I was excited to find not one but two new pups out at his barn! Aren't they adorable?

This was the best picture I could get of them because any closer, and they were all over me. No complaints here.

Zeb's daddy, Deetz. Also the best picture for the same reason. I've never known a dog that can literally hug me like Deetz can. He seriously wraps his front legs around mine. I love it.

After I played with the dogs for a minute, I realized I was missing a great opportunity to take some cool pictures of my brother-in-law. I love these.

Such a different and beautiful life I lead out here. I'm so thankful for it.



  1. Can I come play soon? The puppies are sooo cute and love watching Landon ride in the sunset...also, I want to pinch Asher and hear hiim giggle...and watch zeb run in the fields and go check water, etc, etc..

  2. finally got my google account to work again!

  3. Great! Now I can actually have some comments :)