June 15, 2011

Planting Season

Planting for Kanyon has come and gone but its a little - okay, a lot - different right now than it was at this point last year because of the drought. Last year at this point, we had a lot of moisture and were looking forward to a great crop.

Also, this is the point where I remind you... I am a novice farmer's wife and Kanyon is not responsible for anything I claim to know and tell you on this blog. He wanted me to let you know.

Anyways. Kanyon planted his irrigated fields about a month ago and his dry land about 3 weeks ago. So I came out to see how it looked about a week ago.

It's coming up slowly this year with the lack of water - in some places, very sparsely. I went again last night with Kanyon to check water and he said one of his fields is running out of water. His wells usually don't get this low until late summer or not at all because we have rain to supplement our irrigation systems. But not this year yet.

(That is wheat that is growing alongside the rows of cotton.)

 Kanyon dug up a seed that had just started swelling with moisture and had a growth started for me to see.

God willing, these will grow into a beautiful field of cotton! We're hopeful and prayerful that we will get rain soon so that we can get rain water on our crops, which is so much more nourishing for the land and give our irrigation systems a break.

Did you notice how rough Kanyon's hands are right now? I told him I'm pretty sure he cut me with one of his callouses grabbing my hand last night...

Please be praying for our farmers right now. The wind and the very high temperatures this week (and lately in general) are very hard on these baby crops. The wind can blow away the top layers of soil, especially if its not wet (Kanyon's had about 40 acres blow out already) and the high heat will make the water that is on the ground evaporate before it can be absorbed. And rain would be really nice too : )  Thank you!


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