June 16, 2011

The Animals

Last week, Kanyon and I were at his parent's house for lunch on Sunday... wait a second.. I haven't been home on a Sunday in three weeks. So these are from three weeks ago. Wow.

Anyways, I wanted to show you a few pictures I took that day.

One of their barn cats had kittens!! They live under the playhouse and are still not sure if they like me or not because they still hiss at me while looking like they have no idea where that weird hissing noise is coming from. Its the funniest thing! Vaughn says they've taken to playing more out from under the porch and wrestling. I'll make sure and try and catch them at it this weekend.

This is Landon's newest horse, Grey. He's extremely friendly. In fact, he was wanting so bad to get close to me that this is the best picture I could get..

... until I finally went and grabbed some hay and threw it in his pen so I wouldn't have his attention for a second! Isn't he pretty?!

Johnny, Freckles, and Mary glaring at me for not giving them hay also.

Don't worry, I went and got some so they don't decide to take it out on me the next time I ride one of them. Johnny is well aware of how to make me look like an idiot and does it every time I'm on him. No matter that all he has to do is start trotting. He acts like he lives in a pen all the time or something and is just dying to run.

Some new apricots on Vaughn's apricot tree! (Have I mentioned I love my camera in a while? I do.)

Later that afternoon, I went with Kanyon and Zeb to check water.

Boy, does that pup loooooove water! He will run and sli---ide all the way down the stream. Its hilarious. I can't wait for the first time we have a slip-n-slide.

A man and his dog.


When we were about to leave, we noticed Zeb running after something. This isn't unusual and we're pretty sure most of the things he's chasing are imaginary but then the thing he was chasing ended up very interested in him.

The hawk ended up circling us so closely for a good ten minutes. Zeb was being so patient and not chasing after it. But it was so strange! Kanyon and I have never seen a hawk act that way for so long.
He eventually got a drink of water from the stream and flew off. It was like he was trying to convince himself that we weren't going to try and grab him when he finally swooped down to the water.


It was pretty cool. We just stood there still the whole time to see what he would do. Then as soon as he got his water, he was off!


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  1. way cool...poor zeb, dying to run after it.