July 2, 2010

workin on the look..

as you can tell i've been workin on my blog look.. i'm pretty picky! but if anyone has any sites they know of that helps you customize your blog, let me know :) i just got finished making a signature..



  1. Your blog looks great- I love it! You really crack me up! I love seeing what living in Welch and moving to a farming community is like from your perspective. Love you friend. -Kasha

  2. Hey Girl! You know that's what I DO... right? I have my own company and I do blogs and greeting cards, my website is kmanndesigns.com (same as my blog, just without the "/blog")

    Let me know if you need some help with some stuff and I can probably just do a few things for you!

    my email is kmanndesigns@gmail.com