October 5, 2010


I'm sorry that I didn't get to post earlier, but our internet was down at work yesterday and we got it back up last night and then I was working all day today.. at work. Imagine that.

I have lots of pictures and stuff to blog about and first up to bat is my new curtains!

We  are so happy to finally have them up. We procrastinated a while and then ran into some snags hanging them but they are finally up. And I love how they make the room already look smaller... and less yellow..

I also ordered a chandelier today to hang above our table so that will be up soon and will change the whole look. I think.

There are a few more changes coming to this kitchen and I can't wait to get them done! Kanyon and I got back into the "home-making" mode and we're beginning to get stuff checked off our list again.

We also painted our loooong hallway this weekend, which was a big task considering we had a football game on Friday night, a wedding in Lubbock on Saturday night, and an event at the church I work at on Sunday night. Actually.. how the heck did we do all that this weekend and paint?

Kanyon also worked under the house to wire the satelite TV service to our office, too, so I can watch TV while I run on the treadmill! So excited about that. Because I was getting tired of watching Step Up and Center Stage over and over again while running.

I'll be blogging about our weekend through out this week but its 5:00 and I'm going home!



  1. I love your blog...thanks for making it for me;)

  2. Love the curtains!! I read your blog too!! :)

  3. love the curtains! looks good!

    ps - i got the couch at goodwill, and the pillows and blankets at Burlington Coat Factory (surprisingly, they have a lot more than just coats).