August 31, 2010

boone and stephe

Since this is the third post about last weekend, its safe to assume we had a good one. It was a weekend full of seeing friends who have been out of the state for the whole summer, including Sarah and Daley at Heather's house, and then Jason and Stephen came to stay with us Sunday night!!! Now, Kaelyn is next on the list. I need to see you!!
Jason and Stephen - my graduation

They got to our house early afternoon and we just talked and ate orange rolls for a long while about everything they and we did this summer. They did a lot. They were in Johannesburg, Egypt, Lebanon, and Kenya. I might be missing something but are you impressed yet? Their dream is to do some sort of ministry in a third world country, probably through establishing an adventure camp, someday and this trip was kind of a "training"... kind of. They did sports ministry for about 6 weeks in Jo-berg (yes, they went to several World Cup games) and then went to a month long (I think) seminar in Egypt to learn sports ministry. They already are very involved in it here in the States, working at T Bar M camp and playing soccer with refugees in Abilene weekly. Anyway, needless to say I am very proud of them and can't wait to send my kids to work at their camp in South America someday. Or Africa. Or India. No, probably not India.. Then they topped it off with hanging out with Andrew Conway's family and seeing what they do for their ministry they have there and then climbing Mt. Kenya with Andrew, Kaelyn, and Daley. Jealous.

Then Kanyon and Zeb and I all took them out to show them Kanyon's fields. Kanyon even got some free labor out of them at one point. I just played with the puppy. Duh. I'm not working on the weekend.

That night, we decided to hurt treat them with Chihuahuas from the Sky Vue Drive-In! They are a special Mexican sandwich that I may not describe to you until you come out to try them yourself lest you write them off immediately. We stayed to watch The Expendables. Do yourself a favor and just watch Oceans 11 again. Its basically the same storyline but much better. Sylvester Stallone is looking old.

When we got home, it was 10:30 and Kanyon and I were feeling young again so we stayed up late! We took the fire pit out and sat around it for a while before I finally went to bed at a whopping 11:30 on a work night.. I don't even know when they finally went inside. But they got up the next morning after I left for work and had to go home. Hopefully Kanyon convinced them enough that they should come work for him for a couple months during harvest! That'd be awesome!! I'll make you all the orange rolls you want, Stephen.



  1. The kids are off to school and Charlie and I have been catching up on your wonderful west Texas life! Charlie wants a Zeb when he grows up! Thanks for keeping this blog, now Charlie can get to know you. His sweet, funny, beautiful Christian cousin. Miss you,

  2. I want a chihuahua!! Next time you have a hankering for company let us know! We'd love to come visit y'all!! Where did you get your cute blog background? (Can you tell I have no life while I'm job searching so much of my day is spent reading blogs...)