December 1, 2010

i'm dreaming of a clean house..

I'm starting to think I'm a hypochondriac. I went back and looked at my calendar and realized that I have been some form of sick since the first weekend of November. That's a full month! My first experience living in Welch during harvest where dirt and I don't know what else flying through the air did not go so well. And then on top of that, the Z-pack I've been taking for the sinus infection has not allowed me to keep much of my food down the last five days because of nausea. BUT I finished it yesterday! So here's to a new start, December!

On another note, I have been cleaning our house the last couple of days so I can finally take out all of my new-and-never-used Christmas decorations! Our house has gotten so dusty from harvest, though, that I can't bear the thought of going another day with it being like it is.. Oh, and that laundry pile I mentioned on Monday? Still there. Got bigger.

Kasha and I were talking about design plans for her new house they are building last night and I am so excited about it for them! I went back and looked at all the ideas that I've been collecting since we have moved into our own house and wanted to share some with you:

I love this living room. I always tend to choose bold colors for my own home
but then I am drawn to pictures of more neutral rooms.
(from House Beautiful)

I told Kasha that they HAVE to make this amazing porch swing. It was
designed by a designer whose blog I follow and ever since I saw it, I've wanted
one. So I told them I would live vicariously through them until I have a porch.

I definitely plan on trying to duplicate this myself when 
I have a son (please have a son, please have a son..)
(I can't remember where this is from.. oops..)

Yall have a great rest of the hump day! 


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  1. hey erika! I'm loving the neutral colors of that living room as well...looks peaceful. i wanna see pics of the quilt around the tree! And isn't zumba AWESOME???