August 9, 2010

Last weekend was a lot of fun! A couple of my Young Life girls called me last week and said "Can we come visit you this weekend?" YES!

 Me and the girls at their last Winter Formal

Peyton and Madi are about to leave, or actually move across town, to college. They just graduated and will start at ACU in a couple weeks. I'm so jealous.. I mean, excited for them!! I loved college.

I didn't get any pictures though, because, honestly.. we were lazy. I think we watched three CSI episodes in a row on Saturday. But we did make pizzas Friday night and then Sat afternoon, we went and checked water with Kanyon. Before they left, Kanyon and I decided they couldn't leave Welch without driving a tractor.. so they did. I wish I had grabbed my camera before we left!! They left Saturday around 5:00pm.

Then that night was the last night of the Lamesa Rodeo! Kanyon and I went to Lamesa for dinner at Savannah's and then headed over there. It was a lot of fun. A lot of our friends were there and I was running around sitting with different people the whole time. Its pretty fun going to a local rodeo.

It was way past Emry's bedtime at this point..

But she did manage to take a good picture of Kanyon! Pretty good for a 2 year old!

Kanyon with his cousin Laurel's daughter Adyson (sorry if thats spelled wrong..) and his niece Emry.

Even though she was tired, Emry and I had a lot of fun cheering for the "horsies" :)

Then Cole and our friend Kenli came and had dinner with us on their way home from a summer in Colorado Sunday night! It was a great weekend. Hope your's was great too!

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