August 17, 2010

gallery wrap

Some of yall that have been to my house have seen Kanyon and I's Gallery Wrap picture on the wall at our house of one of our engagement pictures on the hay stack.. It is beautiful and I have been asked several times where I got it.

Well I wanted to share with you where I got it because they are having a special today and tomorrow on Gallery Wraps! Here is the ad:

Gallery Wraps are by MPix (and several other companies). They take your picture that you have on your computer and they place it on a canvas, where the sides 'wrap around' (hence the name) the edges. They are beautiful.

This is how we displayed our's.

To make one (or to even play around with it and preview some of your picture on a gallery wrap) go to the Mpix website and click 'Get Started' to create an account. After that you'll upload your picture by 'Create An Album' and then click on Specialty Products. They sell lots of cool stuff. I love Mpix Gallery Wraps because they come out very high quality and they are so affordable compared to other companies.

I'm thinking about making a Gallery Wrap of this picture I took in Israel two years ago:

There's my tip for today!


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