August 4, 2010


I'm thinking about a lot of things this morning.. So I'm probably just going to ramble in hopes that some of yall may comment and respond to these ramblings.

For some reason, I have always felt that greenery in a house was really not my thing so I have tended to steer clear of the whole business and not even put fake flowers in the house. I have been thinking lately that this is silly. Because there are some really cool flower arrangements out there. Example:

(borrowed from The Magic Brush Inc blog)

I don't even know if Hobby Lobby has funky stuff like this.. I'm totally un-schooled in this but I'm gonna check it out.

I am also trying to figure out a schedule for myself to get on top of my homework. "What homework" you ask? Well.. I started really missing school being at work because both Chris and Harris are working on higher degrees right now. All their talks about writing essays about this and projects about that got me wishing I was back in school. So I enrolled to start taking online courses at the Bible Institute that Dad and I took a class at when I was in high school! I'm excited to be learning again about my favorite subject. I'm taking Genesis right now. They offer so many classes online and I decided I'm gonna take all of them! Or maybe just pick and choose what I want to take. And since its all at my own pace.. I'm takin my sweet time. If you are interested, the classes are FREE and they are very high quality. I grew up going to church with school's former president and then ended up marrying his great nephew :) Then his son, Kanyon's uncle, took over. They are both brilliant men and have made all the course materials. You will learn so much in just one lesson. The website is (South Houston Bible Institute)

(I am not getting paid for that advertisement.. although I wouldn't mind, Uncle Kirk... PO Box 15)



  1. his nephew, not son, took it over....I, too, have been told by someone(maybe YOU) that greenery is soooo old school so I took away alot of it....but I still like some of it and still have some so go with what you think is pretty and don't worry about it.

  2. oops, you're right.. nephew.

  3. I'm glad your mom clarified that. I was confused. :) I'm happy that you made a comment on my blog because I had forgotten your blog address and have been wanting to look at it. I finally put it in my list so I'll be checking it more often. Yes, I agree. I like that flower arrangement. It's kind-of outside the category of the typical "greenery." We made mom get rid of some of hers! And yes you can find the stuff for that at Hobby Lobby. We're leaving for Colorado this Friday for our first real vacation since we moved here. Yay!!!