August 12, 2010

"No, Geb!"

(Let the records show I tried to load this yesterday and it was still loading when I left from work!)

Jada and Nick (who have been in Russia to lead a marriage seminar for a church there) left their kids here with Nana and Papa (Vaughn and Kalith) for a whole 10 days! It was a lot of fun to see the kids a lot even though I didn't get to see them as much as I wanted.. I had a trip scheduled to Colorado and I ended up sick with a fever last week and then work as usual all kept me away. But the time I did get to spend was a lot of fun!

Emry loved Zeb. She called him "Geb" and squealed everytime she saw him.

I won't mention that she would scream "E-ka" and run to me everytime I walked in because I don't want to brag.

Here is a video of Emry with "Geb". You'll hear her squeal in the beginning and later reprimand him for wanting to play too rough :)

I already miss them! It was a lot of fun with them staying. Of course, I didn't have to give the baths or feed them or put them to bed.. I just got to be the fun aunt who brought the puppy.

In other news, Mom and I are planning a weekend just for the two of us in September! We are planning on spending it in Cloudcroft, NM - mostly at the spa. I'm so excited... I need a massage right now.

Also.. "Geb" turns 9 weeks tomorrow and he is house trained as far as we can tell! He's not inside much because he's out in the field all day with Kanyon and then he sleeps and eats outside so he only comes in when we are just wanting to play with him and only in the kitchen or living room.. no carpet and no furniture. He's a good pup and very loved.



  1. The kids were here 12 days (14 counting the days Nick & Jada were here),not 10! We want credit for every blissful day!
    Love you, E-ka!

  2. Erika!! Loved this :) I'm sorry though... can't give them back right now! Still playing catch up with them :)