August 23, 2010

oklahoma weekend

*Note to self - it does NOT take only 4.5 hours, as previously thought, to get to Oklahoma City.

Now that I've forgiven myself for that.. I can tell you with little bitterness that it actually takes 7 hours.

Moving on.

Kanyon and I took a much needed (for me) trip to see my family in Edmond (outside of OKC), OK, where I am originally from. (Sorry, Kanyon, for admitting to the world that I was not actually born in Texas.)

Both my parents grew up going to rival high schools in OKC, which means both sides of my family are all from there as well! We went up to see my grandmother primarily because I am ashamed to say it has been probably a year and a half since I've seen her. She is 92 years old, although with not one grey hair! She is living in a nursing home which has been caring for her for a while now because she has dementia. She is an extremely sweet woman (unlike other residents who scream at me to get them cream and sugar) and has the most beautiful name - LoRee. Not exactly how you would say Lori but Lo-Ree. I am fortunate enough to wear hear beautiful engagement ring. Kanyon took the original ruby from it (after asking of course) and redesigned the band and added a little more bling :) He might could be a jewelry designer?

I just realized I don't have a picture of what it looks like with the wedding band we had sautered to it, but just imagine a band with little diamonds all the way around that fits perfectly to it. Yes, the diamond in the ruby was original with Grandma's ring - I get asked that a lot.

Anyway - we got to go see her for a little bit, talk to her about what I've been up to and she also made sure that I don't have to pick the cotton for Kanyon "because I had to do that for daddy and I hated it!". I assured her he didn't make me.

Since we were only there for basically Saturday, we didn't get to see a lot of people that I'd like to see but maybe once I earn some more time off I will. So if you live in OKC and you are thinking that I am so rude for not calling you.. I'm really sorry! 

On Saturday, we woke up at my cousin Emily's house after not getting there until 12:45 am the night before and headed over to my Aunt Jenny's for the day. We laid around the pool all day and had a cook out for dinner. Some more cousins came over and brought their babies who I had to reacquaint myself with since it'd been so long since I've seen them! It was so good to see Amy and Briana and Brent and their kids. Just please look at this:

You better believe she was in my arms when they weren't burning from holding her so long or Kanyon didn't steal her from me. She is an exact replica of her mommy.

On Sunday, sadly, we had to leave after grabbing breakfast with family friends, Brent and Valerie, and mom, and then head out of town because - again - the trip was 7 hours. Not 4.5. It was a great trip!

And maybe some of you are wondering where Zeb was during all of this? He got to stay with our good friends, Kasha and Al Crisp. You've seen their baby, Tac, on my blog. Well.. turns out Zeb loves baby toys.. more specifically pacifiers!

He really is just a big baby. He got to play with Tac all weekend and run up and down the stream that they have built in their backyard. So don't feel sorry for him being left behind :)


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