August 9, 2010

our farm dog

"This is serious farm business, Mom."

We had company last weekend so we all tagged along with Kanyon and Zeb to check water so they could see the cotton.

I was amazed at the difference between Zeb in the pickup three weeks ago to the Zeb I met a couple days ago. A few weeks ago, he was freaked out by the diesel engine and the moving and shaking down the dirt roads. Now he is aaaall seriousness! I guess spending the last three weeks on the farm with Kanyon has given him purpose!

At home just five minutes before, he was a rowdy puppy and then -bam- it hits him as soon as he gets in the truck and no more playtime. He sits on that console as if its his throne.

It was hilarious. He's still definitely a puppy, though, because near the end of the trip, he got too sleepy to be serious and fell off the console and landed like this -- and stayed like that the rest of the time. You're gonna have to excuse the poor photo... I cut off his head cause I took it from above lol.


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