August 15, 2010

the weekend

This weekend was the first weekend in a while that Kanyon and I got the chance to just be at home on a Saturday afternoon and night.. It was wonderful. Although Kanyon did have to make 4 trips to check his water 10 miles away. Two of which Zeb and I went with him so don't feel too bad for him. Anyways..

On Friday, we went to Lubbock for the Quaker Avenue Church of Christ Homecoming. Quaker Ave hosted Summer Excitement (the camp Kanyon and I grew up going to) all these years and a lot of the people there are our very good friends and even some family. Kanyon's dad used to sing in a quartet called New Creation for 17 years and many of the members of the quartet go to that church. So at the Homecoming, New Creation got back together to sing again. It was amazing to me to hear my father in law sing so beautifully. Of course, I've heard him sing sitting next to him in church but never like this.

That's him in the middle.

On Saturday, Kanyon had to work in the morning but we got to do some postponed house projects -- he put this star up that we got in Fredericksburg in the beginning of June.

See it? :)

And we also finally put up the roman shade and a curtain up on the window above the sink that was delivered a good three weeks ago. And then reaching even further back.. Vaughn and I got these rustic little decorations for the blank spaces next to the oven and under the sink probably about SIX months ago.. and we just now put them up.

You can't see the roman shade that well because you can see through it but its natural color bamboo shades. The curtain is brown and white paisley.

The curtains I ordered for the other two large windows in the kitchen match this small curtain.

I also realized that I haven't put up a recent picture of Zeb in a while! He has probably doubled in size since we got him about 4 weeks ago. 

This is where he usually is - in Kanyon's truck "working"

His little porch where he sleeps. He's looking so old!

Hope yall had a good weekend!



  1. The kitchen looks great! Can you come update mine? Can't wait to see it and Zeb in Sept. Can't wait to see you two this weekend!