August 31, 2010

goin' to the ropin'

Friday afternoon, Kanyon called me while I was at work and asked if I wanted to go to Lubbock that night. YES! (It usually means we get to eat out.)

He told me Landon had called and said he was going to enter into a ropin' (you can't say roping, it just sounds weird) and Kanyon jumped on that, too.

Kanyon and Landon have been ropin for years but I have only seen them do it once before and not at an actual ropin' event.

It was a lot different than I expected. I kind of expected more of a rodeo scene, but maybe it was more like that earlier on in the night considering I didn't get there until about 9:30 because Kanyon was in the second group to go and they started around then. There were more people in the arena than watching, which is the opposite of what I was expecting. The arena was FULL on cowboys on horseback while an announcer would call two names, the two guys would ride up, they'd let the calf go, the men would rope it, and then it would start over. And over. And over.

I know this doesn't look like a lot of guys but this was the second round of the second group so a lot of guys were done at this point.

I got to sit in the box up top because an awesome surprise was that one of our really good friends Ashley (Adamson) Martin was workin the thing! Her husband was the one who supplied the calves so I got to go up and sit with her and chat while I watched and probably distracted her from doing her job more than I should have.. Ashley is a few years older than me and I met her at Summer Excitement (the camp where K and I met) when I was little. She was one of those awesome beautiful girls that all the other girls wanted to be best friends with. She still is, of course :) But we had one (very important to me) thing in common.. Young Life! She was involved in it too! Anyways.. moral of the story - I love her and was so glad to see her.

The ropin ended long after we left at 10:45 and we were pooped but now I'm a little bit more country having been to a ropin'.


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  1. I am glad someone else blogs about married life!! Jimmy said our blog needs to be more interesting. And blogs are exciting with pets and children. We can't get a dog now so I'm thinking fish. Haha how is life? How is your doggy? I added you on skype. Skype date soon?