October 21, 2010


This morning I've had a huge headache all morning and I thought it was sinus pressure. Then I realize I haven't had any coffee yet.. First sip.. Headache lessens. I have a problem.

We finally got our chandelier up!! And we LOVE how it changed the room. Before it was very ... school bus yellow. Now with the new curtains and the change of lighting, it's a different room.

Here it is with the light off so you can see what the chandelier looks like.

And here with the light on:

The yellow is so much more warm now with the way the light is now distributed.

And soon, we will have the new buffet on the side wall replacing that little bedside table! But we're very happy with how it is even right now.

Looks like I'm going to Abilene this weekend! I'm so excited!!

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