October 25, 2010

Monday Musings

1. I just found out that scallions are not some weird form of onion that I can't find at my local grocery store (which is what I was told when I asked at United). They are just green onions. Which I regularly have and probably had at the time that I needed them for a recipe. This changes everything.

(I know my mom and Vaughn are probably laughing at me right now.. but its probably deserved.)

2. I made these Pumpkin Creme Pies last night for my Willow House party tomorrow and I am very excited about trying them!

 Image courtesy of Cake Duchess
(I didn't want to get in trouble)

And while you're at the Tasty Kitchen website (if you clicked on the Pumpkin Creme Pies link), go ahead and explore because you will never go back to any other cooking website.. its amazing. So many cooking blogs all condensed into one site.

3. Speaking of my Willow House party, if you don't know what that is.. it was the company formally known as Southern Living. I am hosting a party and would like to invite you to the virtual version! You can go to my consultant's website and look at the gorgeous new look of Southern Living. They have some good specials. When (or if) you check out, if you would select me as the host, I would much appreciate ya! But it won't be near as good as ordering while eating the aforementioned Pumpkin Creme Pies. (Yes, that's meant to be plural.)

4. Two embarrassing stories for you from my trip home from Abilene yesterday.. I should warn you that if anything concerning bowel movements talked about in a non-doctor's-visit setting disturbs you, you may want to skip to number 2. But if you appreciate the universal need for humans to go to the bathroom and love a good embarrassing story.. read on. I'm pretty much an open book on the matter.

Story #1 -  As I'm driving home yesterday, I start looking for gas stations where I can stop and take a bathroom break.. I've developed this annoying habit of not ever going to the bathroom when I'm away from home but as soon as I start the drive home, my body says "ok, its obviously a great time to go now that she's in the car and only has public restrooms at her disposal." So I exit And then like, what usually happens, as soon as I am close to stopping.. it becomes urgent. Like, really urgent. So I get out, walk into the Wendy's bathroom only to find an elderly woman with three little girls sitting on the counter while she is redoing (and not quickly) their hair while her friend is chatting up a story from the only stall and obviously in no hurry. I just call it a lost cause and leave. I drive a little too fast down the street to the next gas station. I walk in (what happens next is embarrassing story #2) and go to the bathrooms. They are one-person bathrooms, that's good. The woman's bathroom is occupied, thats bad. Its pretty darn urgent at this point so it only takes me about 30 seconds to jump that ship and bolt into the unoccupied men's restroom. (Again, its a one-person. No worries). About another 30 seconds pass by before I hear the handle jiggle. Great, I think, that's going to be awkward running into a man when I walk out. Handle jiggles again. Oh my gosh. I steel myself for the laughs as I walk out. A) Its going to be pretty obvious to the next person who walks in why it was so urgent for me to use the men's. and B) I'm still pretty dressed up in my church clothes which only adds to the ironic-ness of a nice-looking girl leaving a men's bathroom. I open the door and who should be standing there but a 20-something year old guy with some of his other 20-something year old friends. WHY could it not have been a middle-aged or even old man who was by himself and would be mature enough to brush it off??? I bolted out of there as quick as possible before they had a chance to freak out about a girl in a dress leaving a boy's bathroom where she obviously did not just go #1.

Story #2 - At the above mentioned gas station, when I walked in, I asked the man at the counter where the restrooms were. He turned around. He was a she. A very butch she, but a she. And she was not happy about being called a "sir". I walked out of a different exit.

I will never stop outside of Sweetwater again.



  1. ill be there...
    well in spirit!
    i wish i could be there.

    ps - i always want to reply to your comments on my blog but I am not sure how to properly reply to a reply.

  2. you crack me up! love reading your blog. Cant make the party tonight. I have bunko at 6:30. Hope it turns out well