October 28, 2010


Name: Zeb
Mom's nicknames for me: Zebular, Zebidee, Zebani
Breed: Australian Shepherd, mate.
Age: 4 months old
Weight: about 35 lbs
Daily activities: Waking up early (but I sleep outside so that's ok) and running along the fence with the next door neighbor dog, riding in the truck with my paw on dad's shoulder, sleeping on the tractor, running and sliding through the mud in between the rows of cotton, playing a little but mostly laying in mom's lap when I get home cause I'm pooped. Repeat daily.

It's a dog's life.


  1. even when you have kids those crazy nicknames will stick! We call Sagen Sagasourus and Slayde is Slaydrum. Sagen even told tge checker at Wal Mart that was their names...I bet she thought
    I was a crazy mom! lol

  2. Erika, Wasn't sure how to get ahold of you! YOU WON the Willow House Rain Gauge giveaway! Send me your info and I will mail the rain gauge to you! Nanci southerndecor@gmail.com

  3. He is so cute, no matter u call him