October 11, 2010

Round Rock

Guess what was in my office when I walked in this morning? My new chandelier! Pictures will be coming when we get that up.. Probably this weekend.

We had a great weekend in Round Rock visiting Kanyon's family. Lots of babies and lots of birthday cake. :)

Zeb came along with us and I'm pretty sure he loved having Kanyon and I's attention for six hours straight there and back. Look how old he looks!

I didn't take many pictures during the weekend because when you're in this family, your hands are always busy with one of the 7 grandchildren. But I did catch Emry wrestling with Kanyon while Addalie watched.

Emry knows how to hold her own as the baby of four children :) But Addalie better get used to wrestling because she's gonna have a brother in 3 months! Cole and I wrestled all the time until I broke his arm. Because I launched him across the room. We weren't allowed to do it any more after that.

They threw a combined birthday party on Friday for Keirah, Emry, and Leif. Keirah turned 6, Leif is turning 4 pretty soon, and Emry turned 2. Kyla made some amazing cakes for them and we heard the party was a lot of fun. We didn't make it for it because it was at 4:00 on Friday and by the time I got off work at noon, we couldn't get there till at least 6:00. But Kalith and Vaughn had been there for a few days and came back home on Saturday, bringing Sena and Kyla and their girls with them. So Saturday afternoon on, we had Jada and Nick and the kids to ourselves! (If you're confused about who these people are, see the About Us page for an explanation of family.. there's 18 of us now just in Kanyon's immediate family.)

Jada and I stole away for an hour and a half and went to Ikea since I've never been. AMAZING. That's all I have to say about that.

Vaughn and Kalith got Leif all cowboy'd up for his birthday! Real stuff from Cavenders, not just dress up stuff. He already had a hat from Kanyon from our wedding but he got a shirt, a belt, jeans, and nice boots!

Kanyon was teaching him the Cowboy Code all weekend. Like "always wipe off your jeans before you come inside." And then Leif would run around and tell everyone what he just learned. So cute!

Side note - Mom left for her annual (except for last year because of all the mess) mission trip to Haiti on Friday. She texted me to let me know she's there but we're out of contact all week! She goes with a doctor she met a few years ago who needed a surgical nurse to help her perform surgeries in a village in Haiti. My mom has been hooked since. I'll give more details in a later post but please be praying for her this week!

Hope yall had a great weekend!


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  1. The week in Haiti was great and thanks for the all the prayers. I'm getting to know and love the people of Mayette and surrounding villages so much more each year...and each year brings more changes to the clinic that they started to build a few years ago. This year, electricity! well sort of...and indoor toilets! (that sometimes work)but the sometimes times were awesome!