October 18, 2010

Its the most.. busy time of the year!

Today is going to be a great day.

Mom is home and I get to finally have a two-sided conversation instead of texting her and realizing mid-way that she won't get it because she's out of the country. I have a phone date with her this afternoon to hear all about Haiti!

Kanyon (hopefully) and I are going to the Lubbock area Young Life Banquet/Round-Up/Friday Night Lights/Fundraiser.. Different areas call it different things. I think Lubbock does a Friday Night Lights theme. We're excited to get to see what the Lubbock area is all about. We'll see if we want to get involved somehow. Mostly I'm just excited to attend a Banquet and not be working it for the first time in 9 years. Seriously. No rounding up high-schoolers and telling them to be quiet while I peek through the crack in the door. That probably didn't make any sense to anyone not involved in Young Life, sorry.

This made my day.. My friend Jackie made her own version of the wreath I bought on Etsy a couple weeks ago and I like it even better than mine! Check it out.

And last but not least.. Harvest time is here!!


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  1. I love your friends wreath!! I was going to make one but I already made a fall wreath, so I'm going to make a Christmas one like that! :)

    Excited for young life!!