October 29, 2010

strippin the cotton

Kanyon called me last night to come get Zeb because he stretches out all over the tractor and sleeps..

So while I was out there I took some pictures!

Kanyon, his dad, and his uncle all team up and strip (aka harvest) their cotton all together during harvest. Then they hire one more person to round out the team. So they have two people on the cotton strippers and two on the bowl buggies.. I'll explain what these all do sometime but for now here are some quick pictures of what harvest looks like!

 Kanyon on the bowl buggie following the stripper.

(a field that is already stripped)

 A module builder (I'll also explain this later)

Cotton ready to be stripped!

And after I took these pictures of Zeb.. I realized they resemble the pictures everyone's been taking of their kids in pumpkins patches... I'm okay with that.

More interested in a bug.

Chewing on the bug.

"What, woman!?"
"One more second of this and then I'm.."
".. huh, what?"


1 comment:

  1. 1. I so wish that I could come down there during "strip" season. It looks so pretty. Maybe one day I will have the money to come visit....

    2. Your pup looks so cute! AND happy!