October 7, 2010

Sand, Cars, and Being Sentimental

Last Sunday, Kanyon and I gritted our teeth and pushed through finishing sanding and painting the looong hallway that runs almost the width of our house. It was bad. Very bad. Bad enough that I chose to not take a "before" picture and document its bad-ness. Or maybe I just forgot.

The original walls were wood paneling and someone in the history of the house had painted them white. I'm thinking a long time ago because the dings and scratches and rub-offs on that wall was horrendous. Kanyon made me sand it - I mean - we decided to sand the walls down before we painted it because they had this weird layers of .. specks.. all over it. I can't explain it. I'm just telling you what I saw. I tried my hand at sanding it down and thought I did a pretty good job.. Zeb helped.

By the time I got to start painting though, I had only an hour before I needed to start getting ready for something and leave so I painted about 1/4 of the hallway and left it for a while.

Well Kanyon .. how do I say this.. is a ...... downright perfectionist. Me? Not so much. Mine and Zeb's sanding did not measure up and he ended up doing the hall (where I hadn't painted yet, thank goodness) again. At that point, I felt like it would be less of a task to rope him in to help me finish painting and I succeeded! Zeb did not help this time. He did this:

Sorry, I didn't take an "after" shot either. Its just a hallway painted cream. Zeb was a much cuter subject.

That afternoon, Kanyon and I and Mama and Papa Brown headed to Lamesa to attend (and participate in) the First Baptist Church Car Show and Derby Races! Papa Brown takes old antique cars and guts them and makes them gorgeous. I LOVE his cars. Kanyon and I drove away from our wedding in the blue Ford truck we took to the Car Show.

Mama and Papa Brown got the Model A (please correct me if I'm wrong, Mama B!) and they let Kanyon and I drive the blue truck! Obviously that truck means something different to us than the others. I got sentimental for a few minutes when we first got in but then I snapped out of it. Who am I? My friends and husband have made me into a sap.

Papa Brown's Model A:

I'm pretty sure Papa Brown does even the paint job on all his cars too. Unbelievable. And he put up new wooden ... uh oh. I don't know the word.. Wooden runners? They run along the top of the bed. Papa Brown said its so he can tie his sheep to them now- haha.

His truck won Best Truck! .......... I won't mention that his was the only truck there. But it still would have won!



  1. I've decided I hate to paint....because Paul is a perfectionist too.

  2. Those cars would be great props for pictures! He does such a good job.