October 6, 2010

Lauribeth's Wedding

Last Saturday night was Lauribeth House's wedding, an old friend of our's. It was gorgeous. It was held in her parent's backyard and we had plenty of room back there. I wish I had gotten more pictures but I only had my iPhone and it doesn't have a flash on it. (At least I think it doesn't.. I've only had it for a week..)

Of course, I charged my camera and had it ready to go but I left my memory card at work. Typical. I'm either forgetting my memory card or my battery. I hardly ever get anywhere with both.

So as soon as it got dark, I couldn't take any more pictures. What I did get was a picture of where the ceremony was held!

I'm one of those people who never come back with a lot of pictures from a wedding because I always feel awkward about taking them during the ceremony.. I'd hate to be the girl who put a big fat flash in the groom's eyes while he's saying his vows. And then I'm always secretly annoyed at the girl (or guy) who's walking around the reception and is NOT the official photographer, taking pictures of everyone with her huge artsy camera. Or worse, taking artsy pictures of the decorations. Please. Just stop. You're confusing everyone about who is the official photographer and probably getting in thier way.

And yet.. I was extremely thankful of all of the people who took pictures of the ceremony at my own wedding and posted them immediately on Facebook since my photographer didn't show me her's for a week. What does that say about me?....... Don't answer that.

Lauribeth's dad built this amazing solid wood trellis to go over a concrete slab in their backyard for a dance floor and they served Rosa's tacos off the porch of the back house. Vaughn and I were saying how awesome it is that Joni (Lauribeth's mom) gets to keep all of the sweet decorations they bought for the wedding!

Kaitlin was an honorary bridesmaid for Lauribeth so I got to run around with her all night!

Kanyon and I sincerely did not mean to coordinate so well.. I was planning on wearing something else but by the time we realized that we matched to the T.. it was too late because we were already running 5 minutes late because of me. As usual. Late and with no memory stick for my camera. But I promise I am a dependable person.

Isn't he handsome? :)

Sorry, it was an involuntary gushing.


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  1. it took dad and I 20 years to start matching involuntarily:) and yes, he is handsome.