December 10, 2010

Christmas Decorations!

FIRST of all! I would like everyone to know that Kanyon and I are aunt and uncle AGAIN to a baby boy!! Sena had Asher Daniel Reese yesterday at 12:57 pm. Here is a link to the Reese's blog. Kanyon and I can not wait to meet him!! We are going to get to stay for a night on Dec 22nd on our way to Houston. He makes the 8th grandchild in Kanyon's immediate family. Whoop!

We have all of our Christmas decor up and I am making myself stop buying any more! (That is, until the after-Christmas specials...) Everything we have is brand new or they are very special pieces handed down from our parents which means I was excited about ALL OF IT!

Did I mention that I love Christmas? And have listened to Pandora's Christmas radio all day every day since the day after Thanksgiving (which Kanyon loves of course)?

Here are some pictures of my first time to decorate our first house on our first Christmas together... That sounded dramatic.

(I realize this list of pictures is pretty exhaustive but this is mostly for my mom.. :)

Mom, see the lanterns? :)

 My compromise for not having a mantel to hang stockings, with a little stocking for Zeb!

My gorgeous nativity scene.. we arranged the living room so that it would
be front and center!

My snowglobe was given to me last year by my father and is one of my most prized pieces :) He wanted
to make sure I had some beautiful and quality Christmas decorations so he got me this from Flitz and Floyd for Christmas last year. Also on the table is some very nice potpourri that I got from McCall's that makes the whole house smell like peppermint and cinnamon!

 This little Santa always reminds me of Lauren because I bought it when we
lived together last year to decorate our house!

 A mini quilt given to us by Kanyon's mother and cute little cowboy snowmen from her as well!

My first attempt at decorating a wreath.. kept it pretty simple lol.

Yall have a great weekend! We are going hunting at our dear lease near San Angelo all weekend, with a little side trip to see our friends and Kanyon to visit the leather shop in Abilene for a couple hours on Saturday and then back just in time for Tac's 1st birthday party!


  1. your place is too cute! great job!

  2. I L-O-V-E your Christmas decorations!! I was inspired by your fall wreath and made a yarn wreath and decorated it with a felt poinsettia!! It will be on the blog soon! :) Miss you!

  3. Ok, you have more decorations than me!! It all looks great though and yes, I see the lanterns and surprisingly, mine look like that too. I liked the idea of christmas balls in them so I did that too. Thanks for the idea. It really helps having a daughter more creative than me:) love you and can't wait to see you guys!