December 3, 2010

here's to productivity

My mom brought me something a few weeks ago that I'm just now getting around to blogging about.. Ta-da!

Its the butcher block that my brother and I have several memories making cookies and sausage balls and other stuff on growing up. I used to have a picture of us sitting on it when we were about four and two and I am very irritated that I can't find it.. I really did just look throught about 400 pictures to locate it.

But I made chocolate chip cookies the other night for the sole purpose of using my new butcher block.

Ok, maybe I wanted cookies, too. But it does give me much more work space.. and it fills up some of the gaping hole that is the middle of our kitchen. Cheers!

(Sorry, I've been reading and watching Harry Potter in preparation of us going to see the new one out this weekend and I always tend to blurt out English phrases before I can stop myself.. Saying "rubbish" is possibly the most embarrassing one.)

Also, you should know that Cole thinks that this butcher block is "his", as in he is inheriting it. Please.



  1. I did promise it to him...and not only was it in our house, but it was Granny and Papa's before it was mine so you are the third generation to use it...Cheers!

  2. this reminds me of the first time we stayed home alone and decided to do the dishes and had a foam party in your kitchen!! haha!! so funny!! Cole kept saying "y'all are in so much trouble!!"