December 29, 2010

Christmas Part One

Christmas has come and gone but no one is happier than me that the radio stations and CVS are still playing Christmas music! I guess "Let it Snow" could be considered a winter song? I'm just going to tell myself that so I can keep playing it in my office.
Kanyon's family started celebrating Christmas a little early when his oldest sister, Jada, got married about 10 (I think?) years ago so we had Kanyon's immediate family Christmas along with his two grandparent's Christmas-es all in one whirlwind of a weekend.

Sena, Daniel, Addalie and Asher were not able to make it since Asher was only about a week old at that point and Alan (Kyla's husband) is in residency and was unable to get off that weekend (the 17-19th). So we were missing a few but it was still a great time with family! Here are some pictures of our family Christmas:

 Emry's new silver shoes!

Vaughn got an iPhone from Kalith!!

 VeggieTales is always a winner.

 Harmonicas for all the kids? The parents thank you, Nana and Papa.

Doesn't Kyla look like she's thrilled Ava got one? Ha.

Like I said, we also had Meme and Grandad's Christmas that weekend - more pictures!

Some of the boy cousins and the 2nd cousins

And some of the girl cousins

Landon had to have shoulder surgery the week of all this but he took
it like a champ. We took it upon ourselves to recoup with him by laying around and 
watching all 6 Harry Potters with him. Its the kind of people we are.

Emry wanted to be in this picture so..
What the baby of the family wants, she gets.
Trust me.. you would not be able to resist that baby girl either.
Actually, she's not even the youngest. But she's smaller than the youngest.. yet she talks like
a 30 year old. Whatever. What Emry wants, I will give her.

Until recently, Micah was the baby of the family.
But Asher was born a week before! Pics of him coming later in another post.
(Gotta keep you wanting more, ya know.)

 All of us! (Minus the ones not there.. so not all of us.)

Notice someone (or ones) missing? Meme and Grandad came down with an awful stomach bug that week and couldn't be at their family's Christmas! It was very sad and we missed you both. That bug has been passed around our family all week.. And I have a bad suspicion Kanyon may be coming down with it. To be determined.

And now here are pics from Mama and Papa Brown's Christmas!

Kalith directing the Gift Exchange. It gets crazy.

Reese with her Uncle Nick. Check out those ankle warmers and tutu.

Kanyon and his dad. This picture makes me kind of emotional.. I'm becoming my mother.

Another emotion-inducing picture! Landon and Kanyon with their Papa Brown.

And all of us again! Notice the warrior in the bottom right.

Well, there's part one of our Christmas! We had part two the next weekend in Round Rock (where Sena and Daniel live) and Houston but since I've already posted pictures from Christmas Eve... it will be shorter!

But there's something else I needed to show...

My hair.

One day (last night) I went to my hair dresser (who I still love) and asked her to make my hair my natural color. She said my natural was so blonde still that I wouldn't tell a difference between what it already was and my natural. (See above pics for what it was obviously). So she said she would do it a couple shades darker blonde.

This is not blonde.

She said it would fade a lot after the first 5 or 6 washes.

But until then, if you say anything about my hair being b-r-o-w-n or call me a b-r-u-n-e-t-t-e, I will kill you.



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