December 13, 2010

Deer Lease

This weekend, Kanyon, Zeb, and I went out to his family's deer lease out near San Angelo. I think Zeb loooved having us to himself the whole weekend and I came away with an embarrassing amount of pictures of him.. I'll only post a few though, promise.

We got there late Friday night and Kanyon set up the electricity, water, and stuff while I was unhelpfully running around with Zeb.. sorry, Kanyon. That night, Kanyon showed me how you carefully stack, in order, everything you're going to be wearing the next day. OCD? I think so. 

 You! Staring Contest! Go.

Our alarm went off at 5:15 the next morning and we headed out to the deer blind. I was pretty sure that I was going to be freezing so...

I loved it! It was so peaceful watching the many animals that we saw from the blind and finally seeing a buck that Kanyon wanted to shoot. We took it back to camp and skinned, quartered, and bagged it. A first for me. I took pictures but in case some of you don't like seeing a skinned deer hanging from a tree, I'll resist.

That afternoon, we ran to Abilene for a few hours to pick up some leather that Kanyon bought from Damon, his former boss, because he's got some orders for leather stuff and needs to get to work. (P.S. Kanyon is finally biting the bullet and buying himself a heavy duty sewing machine so he can take some more leather orders.. Just so you know!) We also went and had lunch with some friends, who we miss so much! I didn't get any pictures, though, dadgumit. I even had my camera out and everything.

We went back to the lease that afternoon and hunted some more where Kanyon saw an even bigger buck than the one that he shot that morning. And it wasn't a good thing. He had already shot two bucks this season, which is the limit in that county. Oh well. Maybe next year it will be even bigger?

My two handsome boys

The buck we came home with!

We had so much fun and I'm so glad we were able to steal away before the season ended.. And we now have a freezer full of deer meat! Zeb was so worn out, he fell asleep reading Harry Potter again...

Lots of cooking and (hopefully) wrapping presents tonight!


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