December 14, 2010

Tac's First Birthday

Tac (Taegan Allen Crisp) turns one this month! Al and Kasha threw a birthday party for him on Sunday night at her parent's house here in Welch.

 Want some cake?

I am so thankful for Kasha! She has become my best friend from the get-go out here. I am so blessed to have so many close girlfriends out here already.

 Tac likes our gift! Whew.

 Happy Birthday, little cowboy :)



  1. What a cutie he is! and I love his little cowboy clothes...give him a big kiss for me.

  2. You look stinking GORGEOUS!!!! I miss you a LOT!! We need to have a phone date soon, or skype. There is so much going on I want to fill you in on. Also-check out my Christmas yarn wreath! I've been saving the idea from your blog for months! Thanks for the inspiration! :)