December 20, 2010

Cowboy the Snowman

Before I get into a big long post about Kanyon's Family Christmas-es that we had this weekend (three of them!), I wanted to show everyone this AMAZING gift my mom sent up to Welch with Kanyon's aunt.

One of my mom's best friends, who is also one of my best friend's mom, and was also my Young Life leader in high school (i.e. she is very important to me if you're not catching that), Diana Wisdom, made this gorgeous snowman for me!! I was sooo excited to see it when I opened it up!

It's so beautiful and completely hand-made by Diana. She made it specifically for me and Kanyon and customized it. See the cowboy hat..

The details just floor me. I spent a long time examining it last night, looking at all the amazing details, like the red thread ornaments and stars and the beautiful stitched horse.

And the cowboy Santa with his cowboy boots!

 And she also replicated Kanyon's tractor for the back of the Snowman's coat!!
How cute is that!?

I love everything including the bird on his shoulder and the bells and berries on his arm! And he even has a carrot nose, of course!!

Thank you so much Diana for putting so much love and work into this awesome gift that I know I will cherish for so long!

And don't worry. I trained Zeb good and long last night. I threatened him with no treats ever again if he came within ten feet of it.. But I decided to put it in our bedroom anyway where he can't get to it (he doesn't go on the carpet in our house). He is just a bebe still after all..


  1. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! It was way cute.

  2. The nose she carved out of clay and baked it....truly completely hand made:)