December 6, 2010


Kanyon put up the Christmas lights last week!

 Cool pic, huh?

Kanyon didn't think putting the lights up on a metal roof was so cool, though. But its done now! Here is the finished result of our lit up house for our first home and Christmas together! Whew, thats important.

Ok, we might do a little more (by we, I mean me.. Kanyon said he's done lol)... but theres the general idea. I'm having a hard time allowing myself to not have much Christmas stuff yet with it being my first time to decorate my own house.. But everything we do have is so beautiful! I will post what we have done on the inside (by we, I mean me again..) sometime this week after I am happy with the tree!



  1. Love the lights! Rusty put ours up this weekend too...he didn't enjoy it either but it looks pretty!

  2. Sooo pretty! I love that you took a picture of your honey putting up the lights! Unfortunately, I never felt more like Chevy Chase this year putting up our lights, checking every bulb, ect. I think we need to buy new lights next year! And when I say we I mean me too! :) Love you!

  3. I'm feeling very behind reading this. I don't have any lights up outside yet...and just finished the inside this morning! and when I say "I", that is what I mean!

  4. Your house looks so good! Reading your blog always makes me miss y'all, and miss home so much...