December 24, 2010


We are preparing for Mom's big Annual Christmas Eve Party and I thought I'd share some pictures!

Not quite best friends yet but getting there.. ha. 

Sniffing the flowers together, getting to know each other. Although Zeb is trying to move pretty fast for a first date.. if you know what I mean.

 Cooking all day! Mom putting parsley on the edge of the caviar pie.

Cole:  What is that for? 
Mom:  Its just for decoration.
Cole:  Decorative pillows and parsley - I just don't understand them!!

 Mom's beautiful Christmas tree and decorations.

 Christmas stockings and Star Wars on the TV. Notice Kanyon's recent addition stocking?

 Morning, early bird. (He got up at 11:15.)

 Hello, Holly Belle!

 The food table midway through preparations.

And the caviar pie. Mom said I should start making it and taking it to all the Welch parties. Sure, lets further reinforce my city girl history by bringing caviar to all the parties in the country. Psh.


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  1. Thanks for posting these pics! Looks like you had a beautiful and yummy Christmas together. You could call it a caviar cow pie! :0