December 8, 2010


I finally bought ornament hooks today so I could put up our remaining ornaments tonight! So hopefully by tomorrow, I can post some pictures of my first whack at decorating a house for Christmas.

Last weekend, Vaughn had her Annual Open House and our church's Christmas Party all in one on Sunday night. I managed to only come away with one picture but we had a great time! We had a gift exchange and I stole a Christmas cookie jar from someone.. I love/hate those things.. My stomach's always in knots about whether or not someone will steal my gift or wishing someone would take it off my hands.. But we've got two more of those kind of parties to go so I'll steal myself for more.

This is my good friend Lisa! She and her husband and in-laws started going to our church a few months ago and I love them! She has become a good friend and we also have worked (and will work) a Kairos together.

I made my mom's Black Bottom Cupcakes for the party and it made me want to be home snacking on all my mom's Christmas goodies.. I actually submitted the recipe today on Tasty Kitchen, the website I always use for recipes. Here's the recipe: Black Bottom Cupcakes

Y'all have a great Wednesday! Headed off to pick up Kanyon's wings from Pizza Hut for Wing Wednesday.. yuck.


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