July 22, 2010

Baby, meet baby.

Last night, Tac, Al and Kasha's boy met Zeb. They got along so nicely that Tac even let Zeb share his pacifier!

(bad quality because its from my phone..) 
Can you see Zeb sucking on the end of Tac's pacifier attacher .. thing? I don't know what to call it.

Zeb had a great first full day with us yesterday running around with Kanyon around the farm in his pick-up all day. I don't think he's thought about his missing mom and siblings at all since the first night! He's showing a more rambunctious side now that he knows he doesn't need to always be scared we're going to leave him and never come back. He still cries if he can't see us sometimes but its not near as bad.

Sleepy puppy after a long fun day. He crashed in the middle of playing with Tac, who also got sleepy immediately after seeing his friend fall asleep, haha!

Going swimming with Kasha and Tac tonight and taking care of Zeb since Kanyon goes into the prison for the Kairos starting tonight! Its gonna be an interesting weekend with a new puppy and Kanyon and I working in the Kairos but it'll be fun!



  1. I want to come play too....with Zeb and Tac. Such cute babies.

  2. P.S. also praying for Kairos this weekend. I know God will use both of you