July 13, 2010

mission lamesa

this week, the church that i work for, is doing something really awesome.

i work for first baptist church in lamesa. the pastor there, chris, decided this year was the year that instead of leaving for a mission trip, the church was going to be christ to our neighborhood. and oh, have they.

we have several projects going on. some are paint jobs, one roofing, some landscaping, most are construction. the house that i am at is considered the biggest project.

the first day, sunday, was demolition day. we tore down the ceilings, walls, and ripped up the floors. all while inhaling probably dangerous amounts of insulation.. all in the name of jesus right?

its turned out to be a much bigger job than we expected but we are all really excited to give this woman and her children a THOROUGHLY sound house. (the guys have been extremely thorough..) its gonna be great. she didn't even have running water before not to mention the rotting structure and the not-even-close-to-level floors. she could have had a great slip and slide on those floors before.

much to chris' (the pastor) dismay, the guys felt that the best way to level the floors was to tear down one of the walls! i don't have pictures from today yet but this afternoon, they had the new floors in and a brand new and sturdy wall.

i'm proud to be associated with this church all the time but especially this week. i don't attend here because we are members at our church in welch (which i am also very proud to be apart of), but i love being a part of this staff. (and that's the jesus type of pride, ya know.)

this week's theme is 1 john 3:16-18... "to love is to serve".


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