July 16, 2010

our front yard

last saturday, vaughn and i went to lubbock to finally get some flowers and shrubs for our front yard. we got:

purple fountain grass (i love this!)

 a plant that neither vaughn or i can ever remember the name of..
it has yellow flowers on it.


i can't remember.. 

a rose of sharon

also can't remember.. are you seeing a theme?

and we already had some monkey grass and some dusty miller that vaughn had gotten us a while back .. that i'm pretty sure i would have killed if kanyon hadn't stepped in. (i promise i've been watering everyday vaughn!)

this is the only setup we have come up with.. and we hate it. we want to redo the whole thing but don't know how.. i guess that's this weekend's project. along with cleaning! but more importantly - landon's all star football game in lubbock on saturday!

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